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F#$%ED up account

2009-03-11 09:01:08 by 666-Animator

As you may know a few days ago 666animator came out with rise of the boos 1, well I am 666animator!
It's just that I forgot my password and incorrectly entered my email address so I made a new account called 666-Animator! So I will continue to make flashes under 666-Animator's account! What I'm saying is I am the original 666animator just with a mildly different account!

And there will be a 1month delay at least on rise of the boos 2 because I fucked up my mom's computer(Hey I'm only 12 years old and am not an 18 year old living with his mother!) So I lost every bit of data, including sprites so It'll take me awhile to get everything on track! If you don't beleive I'm 666animator then check the IPS address or something like that!

F#$%ED up account


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2009-03-25 12:11:09

Your only 12?im 12 too!although i stopped using flash.i love to draw comics.

666-Animator responds:

I used to LOVE making comics until I discovered pivot and flash! Thank you for leaving a comment, my first one WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


2009-04-09 12:28:36

You're not allowed on Newgrounds, minimum age is 13. GTFO


2009-04-09 15:21:44

Yeah.i dont use flash anymore but every now and then i mess around with Pivot.


2009-04-21 12:28:01

4urentertainment is a snitch and should have his legs broke lulz, i hope he isn't a bitch enough to report you to the staff


2009-05-01 11:52:45

With what Hellfire3 said,i doubt that 4urentertainment will report you.i have been here for a few months,and no one has reported me.(although some people have acted like douches towards me just because im 12.)and besides,it im 13 soon.

4urentertainment,Fuck off.your a douche and like 666Animator said,mind your own business,and incidently fuck off and go eat some shit.
oh, and one more thing 4urentertainment...
have a nice day.


2009-05-03 00:18:10

cant wait to see new flash mushroom kindom war


2009-05-19 23:20:31

That's why I stay signed in when I'm on the computer. But that hurts, losing everything. That's why you always have to back it up. Ask your mom for an external hard drive this Christmas, or your birthday if it hasn't passed yet.